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About SHA…

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So what is SuperHotAdmin?

Well, some of our clients call us Super Hot Admin, others think we are even better than that due to the excellent service we deliver!!  We’ll let you make up your own mind when we work with you.

SuperhotAdmin was formed to help business owners do what they do best – which is working on their business, rather than having their time taken up by endless admin, a necessary evil for all business owners. Let us sort out your paperwork, get your finances in order, and take the (paper)weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on the real job in hand – running your business.


We offer flexible hours to fit in with you, or you can book us for a regular half day or day slot each week or each month. Although we manage to take the odd holiday or two throughout the year, we are not away together, so you are never without that handy pair of hands to help in the office. We are highly efficient, organised and reliable, but also sociable and personable and happy dealing with clients of all sizes.  We also enjoy a good cup of coffee first thing in a morning, so we will be the first to pop the kettle on!

We are based at Parkhill Business Centre in Wetherby, so we can work remotely out of our office here, or if need be, we can come to your office to work.  Whatever makes your life easier.  You get admin cover without the pain, hassle and expense of paying NI/tax, sick pay holiday pay and pensions – as a famous meerkat would say ‘simples’!

What we’re like… 

  • We are highly organised and efficient.
  • We love paperwork and post-its.
  • We will be enthusiastic about any task.
  • We have a good sense of humour, excellent communication skills and are easy to get on with.
  • We are honest, dependable and trustworthy and used to dealing with sensitive information.
  • We are logical, accurate and systematic with good attention to detail.
  • We are also down to earth and therefore happy to tidy that cupboard or make you that brew.

What we actually do

  • We make you more effective by doing all those tasks you hate – freeing you to do those you love
  • We give you time back to enjoy life
  • We organise your business so you never have to worry about booking, planning or anything – ever!

For more details on specifics – click here to check out our services page


Hourly Rate
£25per hour
Half Day Rate
£1004 hours

Day Rate
£1507.5 hours


All prices plus vat

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