Meet Our Team


0030 SHA Wetherby

Well, where do I start? No one would ever have thought that 14 years working as a forensic scientist would have helped me in my job working in admin and finance right? Well, strangely enough some of the tools I learnt whilst in the lab have helped me hugely – such as attention to detail, perseverance and a penchant for those dull jobs that no-one else likes to do!However, feel free to ask me about the gory details of forensic science – some of these things fascinate people!!

So, moving on, I have been working as the office manager at Parkhill Business Centre in Wetherby for over 3 years now, as well as working as the project manager for BiY Ltd, also based at the business centre.

However, from what I saw whilst working at the business centre, I decided to help to take away the pain to small business owners that admin invariably causes, and set up SHA. Let us do those daily tasks that get in the way of your work, and let us be the admin fairies that take away your pain!

When I’m not compiling spreadsheets or digging myself out from underneath mountains of paperwork, I like to head out for a walk with my partner and children, or join my netball team for a feisty game of netball!



Sally 5

I have over 20 years’ experience in administrative roles, beginning my career as a technical clerk for an engineering company and working up through various roles which have included compiling electronic manuals in Adobe Acrobat for BT, working as a receptionist and secretary for National Grid and working within the Education Department in the Prison Service.

The longest and most interesting roles in my career were experienced during the 12 years I spent at the Forensic Science Service; initially as support to the scientists within various departments, and later being promoted to PA to the Senior Management Team of the Laboratory. I met some amazing people who I was privileged to work with and the nature of the work was constantly fascinating.

I absolutely love admin work and no matter how boring it is to you, I can guarantee it won’t be for me.   I pride myself in my work and whatever job I take on, however big or small, I will ensure it is completed within the deadline and to an excellent standard.  I am easy going and adaptable and love working with different people on all levels. I do however believe a good sense of humour is essential, so if you want someone with a smile on their face whilst your office problems are solved, then give me a call as SHA are for you!



How we know each other

0413 SHA Wetherby

You may be wondering how these two ladies ever started in business together…..well, the answer is simple…..

They both worked together at the Forensic Science Service for many years; Lou at the “chemists” end of the building playing at being the Scientist in her white coat and Sally being the admin support at the “biology” end surrounded by files and mountains of paper.  They had often met in passing down the murky corridors whilst Sally was doing her rounds and Lou was emerging from the laboratory so they knew each other well enough to say hello to each other (being polite, friendly girls!) but that’s was all.

However, there was always a gathering straight from work on a Friday night, mainly involving the employees who lived in Wetherby.  It just so happened that one week, they both ended up in the New Inn on the same night.  As everyone else drifted off after their “early doors session”, Lou and Sally and a couple of others were the only ones left and that was it, they bonded.

After the Forensic Science Service closed down they went separate ways work wise, but would try to have a regular pizza and wine night and a good old catch up.  Then Louisa turned business woman, invited Sally to work with her (who else), and SHA was born!