Finance and Bookkeeping

If you are a small business, then you may not have any help with bookkeeping and finances, and that’s where we can come in! One of our favourite tasks is to help manage invoicing and credit control systems for small businesses. If you’d prefer not to have to worry about any of the sales paperwork we can do it for you. We’ll prepare and issue your sales invoices in a timely fashion, making sure they include the right information and get to the right person for approval to ensure the best possible turnaround time for payment.

We can also take care of chasing your outstanding invoices too. We will agree with you a set of procedures to work to and then keep an eye on payments due in. We’ll politely yet firmly chase those which are due, keeping records of all phone conversations and statements sent out etc.

We are handy at reconciling accounts and can also produce some reports at the end of each month, to give you an idea of where your business is at at that time. Some call it bookkeeping, we call it Super Hot Finance!!

Our services will mean that your accountancy fees at the end of the year will be lower, as there will be less work for them to do!