We all know the feeling of being so busy we don’t know where to go next, or which one of our myriad of jobs to start first. We know that if we got a bit of help it would make our lives easier, but we just don’t have the time to explain to someone what we need them to do. In fact, in the time it would take to explain, we could have done the same thing ourselves, plus something else too. Does this all sound very familiar??

Sometimes though, we need to bite the bullet and take on that extra help and accept that we will go through some short term pain for long term gain. By short term pain, I mean time investing in teaching someone else to do all those jobs that stop you from doing what you are good at, which is working on your business. Just remember that you only need to teach them once – when they are trained they will be able to free you up so much time you will wonder how you ever did it all on your own. Just remember, no one is superman or superwoman, even if you think you are!!

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All you need to do is identify those jobs that you don’t need to do (but still do) and those jobs that you don’t like doing and which you know that someone else will be much better/faster/efficient at doing them. Delegation is an art, and whilst we all want to keep control of everything – the it is ‘my business’ after all mentality affects lots of us, but if there is only ever you in the business, you will only ever reach a certain level, as without some help, the business cannot grow and you cannot continue singlehandedly. Well, not without a desire for no holidays and lots of stress!

So, now is the time to act and get yourself some help – you know it makes sense!!