Delegation…….for some of us this is harder to grasp and do than others! Some people seem to be born to issue orders and some people seem more suited to following them.

However, if you run your own business, you should learn the art of delegation. This can make your life so much simper, easier and less stressful. Obviously there are some tasks that cannot be passed onto others to do, but if we all scrutinized our daily work schedules, we could come up with a list of jobs on there that could easily be done by others. Sometimes other people are better at doing these tasks than we are!

So, to give you some ideas of things that are easy to delegate and would free you up some time, we have devised a quick list to get you started:

  • Rough drafts of reports/spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Collation of data
  • Sorting emails
  • making travel or meeting arrangements
  • Things you just are not very good at or just don’t like doing!
  • Research – either through websites or social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter

Well, I hope that gives you a few pointers to start with. It’s now time to add to this list as you need to, then find someone to delegate to!

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